Brand Story

"Tuqiang" is an inscription from Chairman Mao Zedong, the great leader of the Chinese people, who is "self-reliant and hard-working." He showed his founder's lofty ideal and spirit of revitalizing the national industry.
In 1994, the founder of the company started the business of producing screens and nets from several soil loom. After exploring and fighting in 1996, we established the “Tuqiang Towel Factory”, from the hand workshop to the standardized operation, introduced the company concept into the whole process of enterprise management, introduced the ERP management system, cultivated a cultured and high-quality management team, and introduced the Italian towel rapier. The loom increases the technological content of the product. In 2001, “Gaoyang County Tuqiang Weaving Co., Ltd.” was formally established, and the company entered the stage of modern production management.
For more than a decade, Tuqiang has a good attitude, and with its own wisdom and hard work to make continuous progress, Tuqiang company leaders continue to demand high product quality, and attach importance to corporate reputation and team building. The products developed and designed by Tuqiang Company have won many awards in the “China International Textile Design Competition” and have won honors such as “Hebei Famous Trademark Enterprise”, “China National Textile Association Board Member Unit” and “China Business Association Member Unit”.
The wind is on the tidal level, and it is safe to sail and break the waves; Tuqiang will continue to actively implement the leap-forward development strategy. With high-quality human resources, it will lead the product upgrade with technology research and development, and make technology research and development and product upgrade a breakthrough for enterprise development. Actively implement the brand development strategy and the strategic development policy with independent intellectual property rights, build a world-renowned brand in the Chinese textile industry, and promote the progress and development of the national industry.


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