Towel Knowledge

Towel tips

Towel material

Towels are divided into cotton towels, blended towels and functional chemical fiber towels.

The advantages of cotton towels are moisturizing, alkali-resistant and hygienic.

The advantages of blended towels are their comfort, coolness, and breathability.

Functional chemical fiber towels have super absorbent and clean function.

Full-time special articles

The towels for washing your face are private items and cannot be mixed with other people.

Prepare a towel for a bath when you take a shower.

Do not use foot towels to prevent bacterial infection

Washing and storing articles

When washing, pay attention to the washing method on the washing mark.

Hanging in a dry and ventilated place, dry naturally or hot air drying

To avoid human sweat residue, surface grease, and dandruff residue,

Produces bacteria that make the towels smell and sticky.

Disinfection of towels

Disinfection of towels is divided into steam disinfection, disinfectant disinfection, cooking and disinfection and microwave disinfection.

After disinfection, bacteria kill and dry, and can be used again with confidence

Towels change frequently

Towels are fabrics that are used for a long time. Bacteria deep inside the fiber gap are difficult to remove.

Disinfection can only control the amount of bacteria in a short period of time and it cannot permanently remove bacteria.

Towels are full of worms and are unsanitary.

According to experts, personal use of towels should be replaced in about 30 days, should not exceed 40 days

How to choose a towel

Divided into, smell, touch, drop

Look - look at the appearance, good soft and bright color of the towel, pay attention to the use of materials, craft home, looks very texture

Smell - smell smell, good towel does not have odor, odor of the towel added ingredients are more toxic and harmful to the body

Touch-touch feel, good texture of fluffy towels, soft to the touch. Feel elastic in your hand, soft and non-greasy on your face

Drop-drop detection, good towel water absorption, dripping on the towel, the towel will soon penetrate


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