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The same type of cotton towel, why the price difference so much?

I believe many people have confused about why the towels, which are also pure cotton, and the styles are similar, but the prices are quite different. Tuqiang, a professional towel manufacturer, talks with everyone today about the same cotton towel. Why is the price difference so great?

1. Material

A good product must first be selected first. For a towel brand, how to choose a fabric is a top priority. Good brand towels are made of high-quality cotton, soft and skin-friendly, moisture-absorbent and breathable, and of high quality. All the indicators have exceeded the national targets, and they have a price advantage over the equivalent towels.

2, process

The most direct expression of the product quality level is work, and the quality of the process depends on the worker's level of water accumulation. Now that the labor costs are getting higher and higher, the wages of high-tech front-line workers are also higher. This also greatly increases production costs. The cotton towels produced by the good craftsmanship are exquisite, the cloth is even and smooth, the texture is delicate, the printing is clear, and the gloss is rich.

3, quality control

Quality control is a matter of principle. A strict level of quality control means that there will be defective products, and inferior products are the most direct loss of benefits to manufacturers.

The above three points are the main factors driving the price of cotton towels


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