Towel Knowledge

Towel quilt purchase tactics and their magical use

How to buy towel blanket

The quality of towel blanket can be identified from the following aspects:

(1) Look at the terry. Good quality towel blanket are provided with long and thick piles on each side of the front and back. They are rich and soft, and have the advantages of easy water absorption and water storage. The quality of the towels is poor and the terry is short and small.

(2) Look at the weight. Good quality towel blanket are not only long and large, but also heavy. You can compare them with your hands when shopping.

(3) Look at the softness and fastness. The main difference is whether the towels are cooked or raw yarn products. The cooked yarn is soft and durable, strong in sweat absorption, and the raw yarn feels hard and has weak water absorption. If the feel is not obvious, a little clear water is preferable. The towel is instilled from a height of 30 cm. The water droplets are immediately absorbed by the towel and the slow absorption is the raw yarn.

(4) Look at the weaving quality. The towel is tiled or observed through the sun's perspective to see if it has broken ends, broken wefts, exposed bottoms, pulled hairs, dilute roads, terry loops, burrs, curls, tooth edges, and skipping needles. The last thing to look for is whether there is bleeding. Invisible defects such as stains, creases, and blurring.

8 towels are added to the bedroom to make warm

The soft pink color gives the bedroom a warm and sweet feeling, especially with the white bedroom, which is more comfortable and warm. On the occasion of the beginning of autumn, with this sweet pink towel, the romantic warmth of the bedroom was brought.

The elegant silver-gray color gives the bedroom a sense of sophistication. Like a flowery and elegant pattern, it gives this towel a natural, bleak look with a white bedroom space that looks beautiful.

The white quilt with a stripe pattern is simpler and brighter. With a modern minimalist bedroom or children's room, it will be more concise and stylish.

Pure white towel blanket, the garden's pattern is made concave and convex, so that this simple white towel is more elegant and rich connotation.

The dark grey towel was given a heavy feeling and seemed warm and warm in autumn. Gray presents an elegant and stylish charm that makes the bedroom taste different.

The mysterious blue ocean makes the bedroom calm and peaceful. Creates a vast, ocean-like feel, ideal for the boys' bedroom in the sea.

A single solid-colored towel blanket is used without any patterns and patterns as a decoration, and the feeling of a net warm feeling arises spontaneously. The bedroom is suitable for a minimalist style and it also caters for the elderly.


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