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Why bamboo fiber towels can be antibacterial?

Scientists have discovered that bamboo has a unique substance. The substance is named "bamboo vine," and has natural antibacterial, anti-mite, deodorant, and insect-proof features. Observed under the microscope, bacteria can multiply in cotton products, while bacteria on bamboo fiber products can not only not survive for a long time, but also disappear or decrease within a short time, and the bacterial mortality rate reaches more than 73% within 24 hours. The above results were confirmed by tests conducted by the National Cotton Textile Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Shanghai Institute of Microbiology. The natural antibacterial and antibacterial effects of bamboo fiber fabric can still guarantee its original activity after repeated washing and sun exposure, and it has no allergic adverse reactions to human skin, but also has a health care effect. Has been widely used in masks, bandages, surgical clothing, nurses and other medical protective products and towels, socks, underwear, bedding and other skin-friendly products. Why does the bamboo fiber towel not be mildewed, does not have the same taste, is not sticky? The cotton towel itself does not have the antibacterial function, the antibacterial function, the moldy, the disgusting, the stickiness is the result that the bacteria multiply on the towel. Why bamboo fiber towels do not appear this phenomenon, mainly because it has its own antibacterial, antibacterial function, bacteria can not reproduce on it, and even can not survive. Therefore, the bamboo fiber towels are not mildewed, odorless or sticky even in a warm and humid environment.


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